“I believe nutrition fundamentally underpins our health and that without fresh, healthy foods, we can’t possibly be at our most vibrant.”

Clare Kearney

"A wealth of knowledge"

Renee Boulton

“Passionate, practical and professional”

Melissa Devereaux

"A very wise investment in your pets' health and longevity."

Jana Tusa

“Advice from someone who genuinely loves your dog. Perfect.”

Christopher Keogh

“Sarge no longer presents any symptoms of IBD, no more vomiting and is the perfect weight.”

Leyla Brajkovich


HUNDE is Clare Kearney.

Clare is an Australian pet nutritionist + writer, specialising in canine and feline nutrition. She likes words, the ocean and lots of honey in her tea. Clare lives on Bundjalung Country in Northern NSW with her dogs, Tex Perkins and Pip. Tex is a kelpie who likes baths and hates electropop. Pip is a bloody handful.


Sarge no longer presents any symptoms of IBD, no more vomiting and is the perfect weight. My dogs absolutely go nuts for their food compared to when they had dry food. I can also see a huge difference in their health and energy. Sasha has no more food allergy symptoms and no more reoccurring skin infections.


Amazing experience with Clare! My pup was experiencing diarrhea and vomiting in her transition to a fresh food diet, I reached out to Clare and she offered so much insight on what could be the causes and advised me on practical ways to resolve them. The guide and recipe templates are easy to understand and have worked well! The transition is still a work in progress but it’s been such a blessing to have her guidance.


Clare from HUNDE is a wealth of knowledge and clearly passionate about her work. Most importantly she offers practical and flexible advice dependent on both human and dog needs and lifestyle.


"If you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."

Roald Dahl