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What is HUNDE?

HUNDE is Clare Kearney. Clare is an animal nutritionist + writer, specialising in canine and feline nutrition.

The primary purpose of HUNDE is to provide education to those wishing to improve their pet’s lives through nutrition and fresh foods. Clare strives to cut out the overwhelm of preparing a homemade diet for your pet, and through the many layers of bullshit surrounding it.

HUNDE is based on the premise that nutrition fundamentally underpins our health and that without fresh, healthy foods we can’t possibly be at our most vibrant. Clare sees no distinction between us and our animals in this respect.

Clare offers a range of services to pet owners and fellow industry professionals and has hosted sold out workshops in animal nutrition throughout Australia.


About Clare

Clare is an Australian animal nutritionist + writer, specialising in canine and feline nutrition. She likes words, the ocean and lots of honey in her tea. Clare lives in Byron Bay with her rescue dog, Tex Perkins.

Tex is a kelpie. He likes baths and hates electropop.

Clare studied animal nutrition at the Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation, and communications (twice) at the University of Melbourne (BA, PostGradDipA).

Clare started her animal nutrition consulting business, HUNDE, in 2015 as a way to provide education about the benefits of fresh foods for pets.

"a wealth of knowledge"

— Renee Boulton


“I help you to help your pets be happy + healthy”

— Clare Kearney