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All of the ingredients in our pet blends are functional superfoods and concentrated sources of the essential nutrients that are often lacking in homemade diets.

Our blends are primarily made from meat, with at least 80% of each bag being of animal protein origin. All of our meat is sourced locally and from the human supply chain, then freeze-dried by us. Almost all of our ingredients are Australian, with a few exceptions where the superior option was from elsewhere, such as organic kelp from the north Atlantic Ocean.

Every single thing has been selected thoughtfully, with the health of your pet in mind. 

It's all killer no filler, baby.


Liver in famously one of the most nutrient dense organs there is, and including it ensures your pet is getting enough vitamin A, copper, selenium, vitamin D3 and iron. Australian lamb is farmed in a more forgiving way from a sustainability perspective and water buffalo is a hypoallergenic choice for dogs and cats with protein sensitivities.

Sardines are a fab source of vitamin D3 and inflammation fighting omega 3 fatty acids. Sardines are small fish that sit low on the food chain, meaning they're don't tend to contain heavy metals like larger fish. 

The unbleached lining of ruminant stomachs is purportedly loaded with digestive enzymes and probiotic benefits. Research is scant, but either way it's nutritious and they bloody love it. 

While kangaroo is fairly readily available, the organs are a bit harder to source. Using this blend of heart, lungs, liver and trachea adds important hypoallergenic nutritional variety.

Oysters are one of the richest sources of zinc on the planet. They also contain lots of taurine, which is why we add them to our cat blend. 

Reishi, Maitake and Lion's Mane are polysaccharide-rich adaptogens that have been used in Eastern medicine for centuries for their immune system supporting qualities. Our medicinal mushroom powders are organic.

We use this organic form of calcium because it's bioavailable and made from the marine algae Lithothamnium sp.from the North Atlantic Ocean (instead of limestone, like most calcium supplements are). 

A rich source of essential fatty acids, particularly linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, these digestible seed meals also contain loads of antioxidant vitamin E.

Green banana starch is a an indigestible fibre with prebiotic qualities that is great for digestive health as it feeds to good bacteria in the gut, keeping them alive and healthy.

We know, cats are obligate carnivores. We add a small amount of cranberries to our cat blend for urinary health, and pumpkin for its mix of soluble and insoluble fibre.

These super-greens are brimming with nutrients like vitamin E, copper, zinc, manganese and thiamine. 

Sea vegetables are an important and highly digestible source of minerals, especially iodine for thyroid health and to kick the metabolism along.

Paw paw or papaya leaf is included for digestive health, owing to its fibre content and the presence of the enzyme papain.