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Raw Feeding Recipe Pack for Cats

This recipe pack for cats is a fully comprehensive guide to transitioning your feline friend to a whole foods diet, and it includes 11 recipes that are suitable for the nutritional needs of both healthy adult cats and growing kittens:

  • 1 stripped back transition recipe, focusing on a single protein to ease your puss into their delicious new food
  • 2 recipes that are also relatively simple, so you and your kitty can work together and at your own pace, towards mastering their new diet
  • 7 super fun recipes: four with little meaty bones, and three boneless recipes with a home-made calcium replacement. Some of them have a tiny bit of veggies for fibre, and some don’t have any. These recipes contain a very wide variety of proteins, and cater to all levels of experience, confidence and access to ingredients
  • A recipe template, so you can fire up the health guru vibes in the kitchen (just don’t go Pete Evans on us)

On top of your balanced recipes and recipe template, you will also receive: 

  • A recipe for gelatine rich broth
  • A guide on how to prepare a homemade eggshell calcium supplement
  • Detailed information about how to approach the transition period (which can sometimes be a little tricky with stubborn cats)
  • Guidance on how much to feed your cat or kitten
  • A detailed list of suitable food choices for building recipes 
  • A list of additional whole food supplements and extras
  • A comprehensive troubleshooting guide to walk you through any hiccups

The recipes in this pack have been written in accordance with the AAFCO nutrition standards for both healthy adult cats and growing kittens, and they achieve this using only whole foods. While kittens do have slightly increased nutritional needs compared to fully grown cats, they’re not so different that they can’t be met using food that is also perfectly safe for adult cats.

These recipes are fully DIY and don't use our Pet Blend bases, but they can be used together if you don't fancy meal prepping every week. If you purchase Pet Blend with this recipe pack, the recipe pack will automatically be discounted by 50% at checkout. 

This guide is a single delivery option so you will receive everything immediately upon purchase, and you can begin transitioning your kitties right away, or when the urge strikes. The information is practical and detailed, without being overwhelming.