HUNDE is Clare Kearney. Clare is an Australian pet nutritionist + writer, specialising in canine and feline nutrition.

She likes words, the ocean and lots of honey in her tea. 

Clare lives on Bundjalung Country in Northern NSW with her dogs, Tex Perkins and Pip. Tex is a kelpie who likes baths and hates electropop. Pip is a bloody handful.

Clare has studied small animal and natural nutrition at the Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation and the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies, and has spent the better part of a decade actively educating herself about nutrition and the pet food industry. She started her consulting business in 2015, as a way to provide education about pet nutrition, and assistance to those wishing to improve their pets’ lives through fresh, whole foods.

Clare’s mission is to empower people to make informed choices on behalf of their pets, so they can live long, healthy + happy lives together. 

She offers a range of services to pet owners and fellow industry professionals and has hosted sold out workshops in canine nutrition throughout Australia. To learn more about the services Clare offers, please see the services pages for pet friends and industry colleagues.