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Buffalo Liver Topper

Norm's buffalo liver is a freeze-dried, single ingredient powder, perfect for using in place of fresh liver if your pet doesn't enjoy the texture. This liver is raw, wild caught, human grade and Australian. 

The liver is a secreting organ that’s extremely nutritious and buffalo liver is perfect for pets with common protein sensitvities. Some of the nutritional benefits of buffalo liver include:

  • Great source of vitamin A and copper
  • Rich in iron, zinc and vitamins B6, B3 and B12
  • Low in fat, high in protein  
  • The perfect alternative for dogs and cats that don't like the texture of fresh liver

Freeze dried food is at least four times more concentrated than fresh because all of the water is removed. This 110g bag will provide around 40 serves for a small dog or cat, and 20 for a larger dog. 

Ingredients: Freeze-dried buffalo liver