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Best of the Bone Bundle

This bundle of multi-collagen powder with probiotics and collagen-rich organic healing mushroom bone broth concentrate is the perfect every day regime digestive, immune and joint health.

  • Both are rich in hyaluronic acid and amino acids glycine, proline and glutamine, which support the integrity of the gut lining and may help to protect from inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Collagen also supports the health of the joints, bones, connective tissues and skin, and research has shown that it is positively associated with the management of osteoarthritis symptoms in dogs
  • The hydrolysed collagen powder contains B. coagulans, a beneficial bacteria that has demonstrated a favourable impact on nutrient digestibility and is considered to be a probiotic strain that benefits the digestive health of dogs and cats
  • The adaptogenic qualities of organic shiitake, reishi and lion’s mane in the broth support the body during times of stress, while nootropic qualities of these functional fungi support cognitive function

These bad boys are great to use in tandem, because the mushrooms are rich in prebiotic polysaccharides for gut microbiota health, so they feed the probiotics from the collagen powder.

Bundle them and save 10%!