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Green Goddess Functional Topper

This functional food topper is brimming with organic greens they will actually eat! This blend harnesses the medicinal qualities inherent in certain foods, ensuring your dog or cat is fighting fit.

This blend is a nutritious whole food addition to any diet, especially designed to support the health of the immune system and offer support to dogs struggling with allergies. 

  • Freeze-dried green goat tripe ensures palatability - this ain't no rabbit food they'll eat around!
  • Parsley is a natural antihistamine with antimicrobial qualities
  • Dandelion root promotes the health of the liver and contains inulin, a prebiotic fibre for digestive health
  • Olive leaf supports a healthy immune system and energy levels
  • Alfalfa is a prebiotic and a natural source of fluoride for dental health
  • Astragalus promotes stamina and a healthy immune system
  • Nettle leaf may aide joint health and is a natural antihistamine 

We know, greens are not really species appropriate for cats, but they can still offer fantastic supplementary nutritional benefits, and this blend is designed with them in mind. This means it has no unnecessary plant ingredients that don’t provide maximum benefit; there’s not a spinach leaf in sight. And being in a powder form, these organic herbs are more easily digested by our obligate carnivore friends to provide them with the same incredible nutritional value that dogs get.

Each pouch is 250g and contains approximately 50 serves of 5g each, suitable daily for a medium sized dog. 

Ingredients: Freeze-dried green goat tripe, organic parsley leaf, organic nettle leaf, organic alfalfa, organic astragalus, organic dandelion root, organic olive leaf