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Raw Feeding Recipe Pack for Puppies

Setting your puppy up for a long, healthy and happy life starts with the food they eat. Plain and simple. This raw feeding recipe pack for puppies is not just recipes, but rather a complete guide containing everything you need to know to give your pup the best paw forward in life. Within this recipe pack you will find 13 recipes. That’s twelve balanced recipes + a recipe template, as follows:

  • 3 simple but complete transition recipes to help you and your little one ease into the world of raw feeding. They are chicken, beef, and turkey with roo. The third recipe is completely free from chicken.
  • 9 somewhat more complex recipes, which rotate through a wide variety of ingredients. There are supermarket friendly recipes, recipes for sensitive tummies, chicken and beef free recipes, weird recipes with novel proteins, fancy recipes, simple and accessible recipes, and a green goddess recipe straight outta Byron.
  • A recipe template that you can begin using once your pup is a bit older, so you can go full Gordon Ramsay on them.

Within the guide, you will also receive: 

  • A recipe for gelatine rich broth
  • A how-to on making an eggshell powder calcium supplement
  • Detailed information about how to approach the transition period
  • Lots of guidance on how much to feed 
  • A detailed list of suitable food choices for different sized dogs
  • A list of additional whole food supplements and extras
  • A comprehensive troubleshooting guide to walk you through any detours 

These recipes have been written in accordance with the AAFCO nutrition standards for growing puppies, and achieve this using only whole foods. Each recipe includes a complete macronutrient profile, as well as calorie content and the calcium to phosphorus ratio, which is very important for puppies.

These recipes are fully DIY and don't use our Pet Blends, but they can be used together if you don't fancy meal prepping every week. 

This guide is a single delivery option so you will receive everything immediately upon purchase, and you can begin transitioning your pup today, or whenever you’re ready. The information is practical and detailed, without being overwhelming.

We also have a puppy dog bundle that includes both this puppy recipe pack and our adult dog recipe pack, which has an additional ten recipes for only $10 more. This combo is the best way to nourish your new friend from puppyhood, through their rebellious teenage phase and well into their twilight years.