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Hydrolysed Collagen with Adaptogenic Mushroom Blend

This multi-collagen powder contains seven types of collagen and a unique blend of functional mushrooms to support the health of the immune system and brain.

  • Adaptogenic qualities of organic shiitake, reishi and lion’s mane mushrooms support the body during times of stress
  • Nootropic qualities of these medicinal mushrooms support cognitive function
  • Rich in hyaluronic acid and amino acids glycine, proline and glutamine, which support the integrity of the gut lining and may help to protect from inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Collagen also supports the health of the joints, bones, connective tissues and skin, and research has shown that it is positively associated with the management of osteoarthritis symptoms in dogs
  • 99% highly bioavailable bovine collagen peptides. Collagen can be difficult to digest unless it undergoes a process called hydrolysis, which breaks down the tight molecular bonds and makes the beneficial amino acids more easily metabolised by the body

Ingredients: grass-fed & hydrolysed bovine collagen peptides, organic lion's mane mushroom powder, organic reishi mushroom powder, organic shiitake mushroom powder.

One 210g tub contains 42 half teaspoon serves for a medium sized dog, or 84 one quarter teaspoon serves for a small dog or cat.