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Liven Up Functional Topper

This functional topper is a unique blend crafted from nutritious whole foods that support the musculoskeletal system (aka the joints) and the health of the gut.

This blend is a nutritious whole food addition to any diet, especially designed to support dogs and cats with ageing joints and digestive challenges, who need a little energy boost. 

  • Spleen is extremely rich in iron for circulatory system health
  • Bone broth contains amino acids that promote integrity of the gut lining
  • Bone powder provides essential minerals that support the musculoskeletal system
  • Collagen supports the health of the joints and digestive system
  • Cordyceps mushrooms and peppermint are known for their energy boosting properties
  • Lecithin is rich in choline that supports the nervous system

This topper is a fantastic extra for dogs and cats of all ages; from puppies and kittens to those getting a bit long in the tooth and in need of some help limbering up. It does contain a bone supplement, but not in a quantity that will negatively impact calcium levels if fed as directed (yes, even for growing puppies and kittens).

Each pouch is 250g and contains approximately 50 serves of 5g each, suitable daily for a medium sized dog.

Ingredients: Freeze-dried beef spleen, organic beef bone broth powder, organic freeze-dried beef bone powder, organic hydrolysed beef collagen, organic cordyceps mushrooms, sunflower lecithin, organic peppermint leaf