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Wild Blend for Dogs and Cats

This wildly nutritious blend is made from anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic meats, perfect for dogs and cats with common protein sensitivities. Providing variety to animals with food intolerances is a constant challenge, so we have sourced a novel combination of water buffalo, sardines, goat and kangaroo.

Simply add Wild Blend to your choice of fresh meat to balance a hypoallergenic homemade diet, without any of the hassle.

This base is nutritionist formulated and freeze-dried to lock in all of the goodness of fresh food. It’s brimming with human-grade organ meat, oily fish and organic superfoods that fill common nutritional gaps in homemade diets and take the stress out of preparing your pet's food.

  • Unique blend of hypoallergenic and functional superfoods
  • 100% whole foods with no synthetic nutrients or fillers
  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages
  • Can be added to raw or lightly cooked meat 
  • Suitable with or without raw meaty bones (but we love bones!)

While dogs and cats do have different nutritional needs, they're not so drastically different that you can't make products suitable for both. 

40g of Wild Blend added to raw meat (including optional meaty bones) makes 1kg of incredibly nutritious homemade pet food. 

This blend can also be used as a meal topper to add important nutritional variety to any pre-made food.

Ingredients: freeze-dried buffalo liver, freeze-dried sardines, freeze-dried kangaroo pluck (heart, lung, trachea, liver), freeze-dried goat green tripe, organic seaweed calcium, organic maitake mushroom powder, green ladyfinger banana powder, organic alfalfa powder, organic Irish sea moss, organic dulse flakes, organic wheatgrass powder.

Wild blend has been formulated in line with the principles of the nutritional needs of dogs and cats as they are set out by the National Research Council and AAFCO. Due to the unique nature of the proteins we have utilised, precise nutritional data is in some cases non-existent, but we strongly believe we have covered all bases more than sufficiently.