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Hello. Welcome to HUNDE.

The main goal of this blog is to provide a space for educating pet owners about feeding their animals a fresh diet so that they can be as healthy and happy as possible. It’s a topic fraught with contradiction and it can be overwhelming.

Personally, I’m Clare.

I am a qualified pet nutritionist specialising in canine and feline nutrition.

I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life fascinated by my own nutrition and I’ll admit that I have at various times and with varying degrees of enthusiasm been vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, fructose free and tried just about every other “health” fad you can think of. What years of research and experimentation taught me was that the healthiest and most enjoyable way to eat is simply. For me, nutrition is not about superfoods and supplements and eating organic cold pressed coconut oil by the spoonful. It’s about not needing to. I go to markets, I grow my own veggies, I cook.

Then I got a dog. Enter Tex Perkins.

It made utterly no sense to me that while I was chugging down kale smoothies, my dog would be eating dehydrated, denatured, overly processed mystery meats and — contrary to what his physiology dictated — grains. You can learn exactly why dogs should be fed a natural, raw diet by checking out my recipe packs, but essentially that’s my philosophy behind animal nutrition. It’s the same as the philosophy behind my own nutrition.

So what can you expect to read here? I am a pet nutritionist with a background in publishing. The articles I write will be well researched and referenced. Basing the information I provide primarily on my personal experience with my dog is, frankly, pretty useless. Every dog is different.

Here is where I will post about nutrition, natural remedies for minor ailments, ideas for improving your dogs’ overall health, tips to feed a natural canine diet as sustainably as possible and the odd recipe. But I will ALWAYS recommend that you consult a veterinarian in the first instance if your dog has a specific health issue.

I ain’t no quack.

(and on that note, please view our terms & conditions)

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