Why are you all such jerks?

tick treatment

No, not you personally. You guys are the best.

The reason I pose that purely hypothetical question is that I recently put up a couple of Instagram stories about how I am (apparently) a terrible mother because I give my dog chemical flea and tick treatments. I explained in them that I make absolutely no apologiesRead More

Squeezing the Juice – For Your Dog


The single factor that stands between me and glowing skin, a svelte figure and weekly juice cleanses is that my juicer is so¬†bloody annoying to clean. Honestly. I love fresh vegetable juice. It makes me feel like I’ve just had ten coffees and done a yoga retreat. It’s probably mostly psychological, but I love it nonetheless. I used to really struggle with theRead More

Lazy bones: Healthy Food Hacks for the Time Poor

raw turkey wing

Once a week, she said. OK, once a fortnight. Monthly is a good compromise. And then I disappeared into a puff of smoke. I know, I’ve been absent. In my defence, I have been hosting sold out workshops, consulting with all sorts of exciting clients and packing up my worldly possessions¬†in anticipation of moving my whole life about 1600 kilometres north. But it’sRead More