raw turkey wing

Once a week, she said. OK, once a fortnight. Monthly is a good compromise. And then I disappeared into a puff of smoke. I know, I’ve been absent. In my defence, I have been hosting sold out workshops, consulting with all sorts of exciting clients and packing up my worldly possessions¬†in anticipation of moving my whole life about 1600 kilometres north. But it’s no excuse. I promise to be better.

You’ll be relieved to hear that my writing is not the only thing that has slipped. It’s not personal. After years of making all of my dog’s food myself, carefully formulating each batch to ensure that he meets all of his nutritional goals, I finally…well… I just got sick of it. I’m too busy! I don’t even have time to feed myself properly! So until they invent uberEATS for doggos, something has got to give.

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