Recipe Pack + Fresh Food Plan for Puppies

Recipe Pack + Fresh Food Plan for Puppies


If you have a new puppy and want to give them the best start with a homemade, raw diet, this package has everything you need to get started today.

My RECIPE PACK + FRESH FOOD PLAN FOR PUPPIES provides you with two whole food multivitamin mixes, two recipe templates and six detailed recipes for both small and large dogs. It also contains detailed information about transitioning, how much to feed at different growth stages, suitable food choices, additional whole food supplements and a comprehensive troubleshooting guide. 

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The recipes in this package are designed to meet all of your puppy's important nutritional requirements while they’re growing, while also allowing you plenty of freedom to make substitutions and work within personal constraints. The information is practical and detailed, without being overwhelming. This product is a single delivery option so you will receive everything immediately upon purchase, and you can begin transitioning your puppy right away.

I spent years creating custom meal plans for puppies before I created this ready-to-download package, but I am confident based on my experience that this recipe pack will suit just about any healthy, growing pup. I have included options for small and large dogs, which covers all growth stages for different breeds and sized puppies.  You will also receive a copy of my RECIPE PACK + FRESH FOOD PLAN FOR (adult) DOGS at no extra charge, so you can seamlessly move your dog onto adult food once they reach maturity, without forking out more for another product.


  • Two recipe templates - one simple, one a little more involved

  • Two whole food multivitamin recipes - one simple, one a little more involved

  • 6 detailed recipes designed by an animal nutritionist and balanced to NRC standards (6 for small puppies + 6 for large puppies)

  • Guide for how much to feed your puppy at different growth stages

  • Lists of suitable ingredient choices

  • Transition tips

  • Whole food supplement suggestions with nutritional information

  • Detailed troubleshooting guide

  • Recipe Pack + Fresh Food Plan for Adult Dogs

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