Recipe Pack + Fresh Food Plan for Cats

Recipe Pack + Fresh Food Plan for Cats


My RECIPE PACKAGE + FRESH FOOD PLAN provides you with everything you need to begin feeding your cat or kitten a homemade, raw diet today. You receive a recipe template and three detailed recipes to rotate, a whole food vitamin and mineral supplement recipe, a bone broth recipe, as well as information about transitioning, how much to feed, suitable food choices, information about additional whole food supplements and a detailed troubleshooting guide. 

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Cats and kittens are obligate carnivores who should be eating an animal protein based diet and are poorly equipped to digest many ingredients in processed pet foods. Unlike puppies, kittens can meet their nutritional needs with the same food as adult cats - they just require more food relative to their body weight.  For this reason, this package is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their cat or kitten's life with food, regardless of their life stage.

If you are interested in preparing a homemade diet for your cat but want to ensure you're meeting all of their nutrient requirements, this package will guide you through the process from start to finish. It is suitable for confident beginners through to experienced raw feeders. 


  • A 28-page guide to provide you with an understanding of fresh diets for cats + kittens

  • Flexible recipe template to build your own recipes

  • Three detailed, balanced recipes designed by an animal nutritionist

  • Whole food vitamin and mineral supplement recipe

  • Bone broth recipe

  • Transition tips

  • Information about how much to feed

  • List of suitable ingredient choices

  • Whole food supplement information

  • Detailed troubleshooting guide

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