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Your dog is your world and you want the absolute best for them so they can live a long + happy life

Your dog is also smelly + itchy + gassy + fat (“he’s just big boned!”)

You want someone to guide you through transitioning your dog to a fresh diet, step-by-step, from start to finish

You spend your days eating a variety of nutritious foods and it just doesn’t make sense to you that your dog would be best off eating a dehydrated pellet every day for the rest of their life

You know you want to feed a fresh diet but you’re worried about getting the balance of nutrients right

You have no idea what a fresh diet for dogs would even begin to look like

great, you're in the right place

SENSITIVE NEW AGE WOLVES is a comprehensive six-week program that will guide you through the transition process from start to finish. I have spent years consulting with dog owners, assisting them to transition their dogs from processed food to a fresh, whole, species-appropriate diet. And I’ve learned a few things along the way.  This complete handbook consolidates all of that knowledge into an easy to follow package, and delivers it right to your inbox. 


SENSITIVE NEW AGE WOLVES is made up of 14 PDF eBooks, regular emails to guide you through their contents and a dedicated support group. I begin the program with a thorough overview of your dog’s physiology and their nutritional requirements, suitable foods for dogs, as well as safe + unsafe foods, how much to feed, ideal weight + body condition score, meal frequency, key terms and what you can expect when making the switch. This gives you a chance to prepare for actually beginning the transition, as well as an understanding of WHY a fresh diet is an invaluable investment in your dog’s health. THEN...

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RECIPES.   Each week you will receive recipes for the main diet, as well as bonus recipes for things like bone broth and vegetable blends.

SHOPPING LIST + PREP GUIDE.   With your recipes you’ll also receive a weekly shopping list and absolutely everything you need to know to prepare your dog’s food for the week.

DAILY EMAILS.   Throughout the week you will receive emails guiding you through each step of the transition (just enough so that you don’t feel overwhelmed).

FACEBOOK GROUP.   Access to a dedicated Facebook group of past and present course participants on hand to workshop, answer questions and celebrate victories.

EMAIL SUPPORT.   ’round the clock email support from a qualified animal nutritionist (that’s me) to answer questions and alleviate any concerns you have along the journey.

BONUS CONTENT.   You’ll also receive loads more content, like fridge + pantry staples, a supplement tracker, sustainability + cost saving tips, recipe templates, a troubleshooting guide and more.


What is a fresh diet? Good question. A fresh diet for dogs is primarily raw meat, with some additional whole foods added. A balanced fresh diet (like the one in this program) ensures that your dog receives all of the nutrients they require, without the addition of anything processed or synthetic.

Why should I feed a fresh diet? Because it’s the food dogs are designed to eat. Studies have shown that dogs fed a fresh diet live around three years longer than dogs fed a processed diet. The benefits include a stronger immune system, improved digestion, healthy organs, improved joint health, less body and breath odour, less shedding, cleaner teeth and gums, better weight management, firmer + smaller stools, natural anal gland relief, healthy skin, shiny coats and improved mental health.

Is this program right for my dog? This course is suitable for any healthy, adult dog. I have designed this program in a way that can be applied to adult dogs of all shapes + sizes, so you just need to do some very simple calculations with the tools I provide. This means you can put all of your dogs through the program without having to purchase it multiple times. If you’re unsure, send me an email and we can have a chat.

How much does it cost to feed a fresh diet? This depends on a number of factors, but generally it is entirely possible to feed a fresh diet for the same as a high quality dry dog food, and in many cases it costs much, much less. I have included loads of cost saving tips in the program and, ultimately, a healthy dog costs far less than a sick dog.

Why doesn’t my vet support homemade diets? Probably because a poorly balanced homemade diet is worse than a processed diet. This program has been designed by an animal nutritionist to ensure all nutrient requirements are met. And while I will never, ever tell you to ignore your vet, I do suggest finding a holistic vet who is open to supporting and assisting you on your journey to ensuring your dog is happy + healthy.

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If for some reason you are unhappy with the results of the course, I offer a money back guarantee for 30 days following its conclusion. 

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