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Digestive Health Bundle

This is a simple bundle because gut health is an area where often “less is more.”

We start with the hero in our range, the OG Essential blend. We include this as it’s a great all-rounder balancing blend, meaning you can strip the diet back as far as you need to in order to begin resolving digestive issues, without worrying that you’re missing important nutrients.

This blend can be added to a bland diet like cooked turkey and pumpkin (the modern take on boiled chicken and rice) if your dog is recovering from a bout of digestive upset, but is ready to start introducing new foods. It contains organic seaweed calcium, so it’s perfect if you plan to lightly cook your dog’s food and don’t want to feed raw bones. Cooked food is generally easier on an upset stomach and raw bones can be challenging for some dogs to digest.

Our probiotic bone broth concentrate contains fermented soybean paste, which is rich in Aspergillus oryzae or "Koji," a probiotic yeast that has been used in Japan for centuries and studied as an effective treatment for inflammatory bowel diseases. A concentrated source of collagen, this broth is perfect for fostering gut diversity and promoting digestive health.

Our furry ears are the perfect gut friendly treat, as fur is a species appropriate source of fibre. Adding loads of fibrous species-inappropriate carbs isn’t going to do much for the digestive health of a sensitive doggo, but fur is a fantastic alternative. Chewing is an important step in the digestive process and fur provides natural roughage to support good gut motility.