Clare provides nutrition consulting to established and emerging pet food businesses wishing to develop new products or review existing ones. Clare’s involvement can be anything from one hour of general feedback, to complete recipe and product development spanning many months. 

Clare works with whole foods and selectively consults with fellow pet food businesses who genuinely want to create nourishing products for pets. 

Clare will guide you in ingredient selection and recipe creation to assist with developing species appropriate and nutritious food or treats for dogs and cats. She does this based on her years of experience in recipe development, bolstered with professional nutrition software developed by leading animal nutrition researchers. Her recipes are developed in accordance with the pet food industry nutrition standards set out by The Association of American Feed Controls Officials (AAFCO), using nutritional data from the globally recognised USDA Food Composition Database, the Australian Food Composition Database and independent peer reviewed research.  

While nutrition is always at the forefront of all consulting work, Clare has a background in copywriting, and a savvy knack for understanding the frustratingly opaque pet food industry, the needs and wants of the current market, as well as the constraints of operating a successful small business. This uniquely positions her in the industry and, when participating in your project, she will always endeavour to consider your project both nutritionally and practically. 

In addition to offering her wealth of nutritional knowledge to fellow businesses, Clare holds a bachelor’s degree with majors in English, screen and cultural studies, as well as a postgraduate qualification in publishing, both from the University of Melbourne. 

As a component of any product development, the option to include words suitable for websites, pamphlets, packaging and other marketing materials, regarding ingredient choices, nutritional information and the health benefits of your new product is available. Clare’s personal voice is dry, playful and a bit swear-y, but this can be tailored to suit your needs.

If you have any questions at all, check out the FAQ page, or feel free to reach out via email.

Some examples of Clare’s wonderful past and current clients are below.