Which of your dog products is best suited to me? 

This is the question I am asked by far the most frequently. Both of my dog products are designed to teach you everything you need to know to feed your dog a homemade fresh diet; the difference lies mostly in the level of detail and support you receive.

SENSITIVE NEW AGE WOLVES is a six-week email course that assumes no prior knowledge and begins at ground zero, holding your hand through every step of the transition to a fresh diet via regular emails, weekly shopping lists + preparation guides etc. It is perfect for people who are seeking ongoing guidance and support through this process, or for those with particularly sensitive or fussy dogs. This course is paced (so you can’t jump ahead) and it contains a huge amount of information.

The recipe pack + fresh food plan is a single delivery containing all of the same key information, but in a format that means you can begin implementing it immediately or at your own pace. It is the more concise of the two products and it is suitable for beginners through to experienced raw feeder who are seeking reassurance that they’re meeting their dog’s nutritional needs.

If your dog is under 6 months of age, I recommend purchasing my puppy plan. With this you will also receive a copy of my adult recipe pack at no additional cost, so you can transition between the two when your dog matures, without needing to purchase anything extra.

What is a fresh diet? 

Good question. A fresh diet for dogs + cats is primarily raw meat, with some additional whole foods added. A balanced fresh diet ensures that your pet receives all of the nutrients they require, without the addition of anything processed or synthetic. All of my online products are raw diets. Sometimes a cooked whole foods diet is better suited to your pet, and this is something I can custom design.

Why should I feed a fresh diet?

Because it’s the food dogs + cats are designed to eat. Studies have shown that dogs fed a fresh diet live around three years longer than dogs fed a processed diet. The benefits include a stronger immune system, improved digestion, healthy organs, improved joint health, less body and breath odour, less shedding, cleaner teeth and gums, better weight management, firmer + smaller stools, natural anal gland relief, healthy skin, shiny coats and improved mental health.

How much does it cost to feed a fresh diet?

This depends on a number of factors (such as your location), but generally it is entirely possible to feed a fresh diet for the same as a high quality dry pet food, and in many cases it costs much, much less. Ultimately, a healthy pet costs far less than a sick one.

Why doesn’t my vet support homemade diets?

Probably because a poorly balanced homemade diet is worse than a processed diet. All of my products have been designed by a qualified animal nutritionist (that’s me) to ensure that all of your pet’s nutrient requirements are met. I use the National Research Council recommendations, which are considered the gold standard in formally mandated nutrient requirements for animals.

And while I will never, ever tell you to ignore your vet, you can read more HERE about why I do suggest finding a holistic vet who is open to supporting and assisting you on your journey to ensuring your pet is happy + healthy.  

Can I use your dog recipes for my puppy?

Generally I wouldn’t recommend this until at least 6 months of age, but I have Recipe Pack + Fresh Food Plan for Puppies available to purchase and it comes with a complimentary copy of my adult recipe pack, so you will have everything you need to set your dog up from puppyhood through to maturity.

Can I use your cat recipes for my kitten?  

Yes! Unlike puppies, kittens can meet their nutritional needs with the same food as adult cats. They just require more food relative to their body weight.  

Can I use your recipes for my unwell pet?  

My products are suitable for healthy pets. They are not suitable convalescing animals or for use in place of veterinary advice. If your dog or cat has specific issues that you wish to address through food (such as allergies or intolerances), contact me and we can discuss how I may be able to support their treatment with nutrition, or I can refer you to a suitable healthcare provider.