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  • A 28-page guide to provide you with an understanding of fresh diets for cats + kittens
  • Recipe template
  • Three detailed, balanced recipes designed by an animal nutritionist
  • Whole food vitamin and mineral supplement recipe
  • Bone broth recipe
  • Transition tips
  • How much to feed
  • Suitable ingredient choices
  • Whole food supplement information
  • Detailed troubleshooting guide
  • Start immediately for only $99


Cats and kittens are obligate carnivores who should be eating an animal protein based diet and are poorly equipped to digest many ingredients in processed pet foods. If you are ready to see your cat or kitten thrive by transitioning them to a fresh diet TODAY, this package contains everything you need to do it.

My RECIPE PACKAGE + FRESH FOOD PLAN FOR CATS provides you with a recipe template and three detailed recipes to rotate, a whole food vitamin and mineral supplement recipe, a bone broth recipe, as well as information about transitioning, how much to feed, suitable food choices, information about additional whole food supplements and a detailed troubleshooting guide. 

The recipes are balanced to meet all of your cat or kitten's nutritional requirements, easy to follow and flexible.    


Is this program right for my cat? 

This package is suitable for any healthy cat. It is not suitable convalescing animals or for use in place of veterinary advice.  If your cat has specific issues that you wish to address through food (such as allergies or intolerances), contact me and we can arrange a one-on-one consult, or I can refer you to a suitable healthcare provider.

Can I use this plan for my kitten?  

Yes! Unlike puppies, kittens can meet their nutritional needs with the same food as adult cats. They just require more food relative to their body weight.  

What is a fresh diet? 

Good question. A fresh diet for cats is primarily raw meat, with some additional whole foods added. A balanced fresh diet (like this one) ensures that your cat receives all of the nutrients they require, without the addition of anything processed or synthetic. Raw feeding is the same as feeding a fresh diet. Note that the recipes and meal plans I design contain meaty bones (ie. they are not minced). 

Why should I feed a fresh diet? 

Because it’s the food cats are designed to eat. The benefits include a stronger immune system, improved digestion, healthy organs, improved joint health, less body and breath odour, less shedding, cleaner teeth and gums, better weight management, firmer + smaller stools, natural anal gland relief, healthy skin, shiny coats and improved mental health.

How much does it cost to feed a fresh diet? 

This depends on a number of factors, but generally it is entirely possible to feed a fresh diet for the same as a high quality commercial food, and usually or cats it costs much, much less. Planning, shopping around and feeding lots of offal will significantly reduce your food bills. But ultimately, a healthy animal costs far less than a sick one.

Why doesn’t my vet support homemade diets? 

Probably because a poorly balanced homemade diet is worse than a processed diet. All of my products have been designed by an animal nutritionist (me) to ensure your pet's nutrient requirements are met. And while I will never, ever tell you to ignore your vet, I do suggest finding a holistic vet who is open to supporting and assisting you on your journey to ensuring your pet is happy + healthy.


This package is suitable for anyone who want to improve their cat's life through food. If you are interested in preparing a homemade diet for your cat but want to ensure you're meeting all of their nutrient requirements, this package will guide you through the process from start to finish. It is suitable for confident beginners through to experienced raw feeders. 

I offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of my products, so there's no risk.

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Clare from Hunde is a wealth of knowledge and clearly passionate about her work. Most importantly she offers practical and flexible advice dependent on both human and dog needs/lifestyle.

Really informative; interesting info and a great insight into the practical elements of how to incorporate real foods into your dogs diet.

Advice from someone who genuinely loves your dog. Perfect.

I’m transitioning our cats to raw (largely inspired by Clare’s work) and Clare helped me make sense of how to balance their diet. Our cats are already much healthier and happier. Thank you!

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