The Unique Nutritional Needs of Cats

Leo the cat

At a glance, the digestive system and all of its extremities is pretty similar when comparing dogs and cats. Both have sharp pointy teeth for ripping flesh, they lack flat molars for grinding plant matter, their jaws are hinged and don’t move from side to side, neither produces salivary amylase (amylase is the enzyme in our saliva that begins the digestion ofRead More

Yes, You Can Feed Chicken to Your Dog. (Probably.)

chicken breast

You heard me. CON-TRO-VERSIAL. I know.

If you’ve been reading about raw feeding for a while, you have probably come up against an article or someone in a Facebook group, or even a nutritionist who says you shouldn’t feed your dog chicken. Blanket rule: no chicken. I recently encountered someone Read More

Green Tripe: Canine Superfood?


You know how you hear about all of those perfect foods that can sustain human life because they contain every nutrient we need for health, like bee pollen or spirulina? Mmmm delicious. Dust for breaky again. Well green tripe is the doggy equivalent of this, except it’s more like if chocolate was the most nutritious food you could buy in the sense that they Read More

Why does my dog smell like corn chips?

dog on bed

If your dog has never smelled like corn chips then that probably sounds like a completely ridiculous question. She’s finally lost it. But I would bet my bottom dollar that at least half of you thought “YES! Why does my dog smell like corn chips?!”

I have to confess that I secretly kind of like it. My dog is at his most Read More

Squeezing the Juice – For Your Dog


The single factor that stands between me and glowing skin, a svelte figure and weekly juice cleanses is that my juicer is so bloody annoying to clean. Honestly. I love fresh vegetable juice. It makes me feel like I’ve just had ten coffees and done a yoga retreat. It’s probably mostly psychological, but I love it nonetheless. I used to really struggle with theRead More

Why should I feed plants to my carnivore?


Good question, glad you asked.

There are definitely different schools of thought among “raw feeders” when it comes to feeding plant matter to dogs. If you’re brave enough to tackle the comments sections of raw feeding Facebook groups (braver than I!) you will find many, many people arguing that dogs are Read More

Sharing is Not Always Caring

Italian Greyhound with toast

I am all for sharing as many foods as possible with my dog. I shop for his food at the same time as my own. He eats my yogurt and kefir and coconut oil and my ridiculously expensive organic eggs. It’s somehow much easier to justify giving him a little bit of these things every now and then when I already have them on hand for myself. I will also ‘fess up that in a Read More

Keeping it TOO Simple


I’m a huge fan of keeping it simple. I’ve spent a fair amount of time ranting into this here ether about how much I hate superfoods and buzzwords, and I do stand by much of that.

But I had an interesting experience recently, which has led me to review my philosophy somewhat. And I love that. I love that I am always learning and experiencing new things and Read More

Fasting Your Dog to Wellness

empty dog bowl

I am the first to admit that I have tried just about every wellness fad under the sun. And you know what, I still do a lot of them. I reckon “wellness” gets a bad wrap. Who doesn’t want to be well?! I understand why it does and I do agree that it has been somewhat problematically wielded to hawk products that are not in any way representative of what a Read More

Lazy bones: Healthy Food Hacks for the Time Poor

raw turkey wing

Once a week, she said. OK, once a fortnight. Monthly is a good compromise. And then I disappeared into a puff of smoke. I know, I’ve been absent. In my defence, I have been hosting sold out workshops, consulting with all sorts of exciting clients and packing up my worldly possessions in anticipation of moving my whole life about 1600 kilometres north. But it’sRead More

5 Foods to Boost Your Dog’s Health

organic garlic at farmers market

I love food. I think it’s magical. I love perusing the mountains of fresh produce at the market and knowing that I have the power to take those raw ingredients and create nourishing meals for myself and for my friends and for my family. I love knowing that these meals have the power to make us feel good and look good and smell good (what? Tex is family too). I truly Read More

A-Z of Natural Foods for Dogs
raw dog food meal

There are SO many more than 26 topics I could cover on the subject of natural foods for dogs, but just for fun, here is an A – Z.

Alfalfa is a powerful natural supplement that contains vitamins A, B1, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, K and U, beta-carotene, biotin, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, Read More

Dogs: Omnivore or Carnivore?

fresh vegetables at Ceres organic market

Ah, the age old debate. Well, maybe not age old. Few decades old. A generation, tops.

Nevertheless, it’s a question I am asked often. Is my dog an omnivore or a carnivore? And I can completely understand why you would ask this; looking around at commercially available foods for dogs and even many homemade dog food recipes, Read More

Give Your Dog A Bone Part II

dog with a bone

There are two important things to take away from this post. The first is the importance of giving your dog a bone. The second is the importance of thinking through your blog post titles. This is “part two,” because I already wrote a post with this title, despite the fact that it had little to nothing to do with giving your dog a bone. Lesson learned.

Read More

Allergy Fighting Smoothie Recipe (for dogs)

allergy fighting meal for dogs

Spring is upon us and with that comes all of the joys of warmer weather. For me personally, my mood is heavily impacted by the weather and come August I am totally exhausted by winter and often feeling pretty flat. The sun and warmth that September brings Read More