Tex Perkins the black and tan kelpie

HUNDE was founded by Clare Kearney and a dog called Tex Perkins.

Clare is an animal nutritionist (yes, that’s a thing) + writer, specialising in holistic canine nutrition. She studied at the University of Melbourne and the Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation, and is a fully insured and accredited practitioner member of the latter. The things that really make her tick are the ocean, health + wellness and words.

Tex is a kelpie. He loves baths and hates electropop.

Clare is available for private consultations for your pet Australia wide, as well as workshops in canine nutrition, product consultations, writing gigs and probably anything else you can throw at her. Get in touch on clare@hunde.com.au to talk shop.

If you want to learn more, we also have a holistic dog care group on Facebook that we encourage you to join and you can sign up to receive our free eBook 5 Reasons to Feed Your Dog Fresh Food.

HUNDE is based in sunny Byron Bay.